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Skin Care

Skin Care for Ladies & Gentlemen

Serenity Facial (45 mins) $50

A purifying treatment for any skin type which helps to relax, detoxify, and soothe facial muscles while simultaneously hydrating the skin and improving blood circulation. This is beneficial to those seeking to relieve Stress. Including massage.

Acne Treatment Facial (45 mins) $50

This amazing deep cleansing facial includes bacteria fighting triclosen and salicylic acid to remove acne bacteria and pore clogging oil. Calms irritated skin and promotes healing. Including massage.

Skin Care - Best nail salon in La Mesa, CA

European Facial (1hour) $55

A combination of essential oils and aromas soothes the skin, helps eliminate stress & improves skin texture. Includes deep pores cleansing, steaming, extraction, masque and massage. (Hands, feet, neck and face massage included)

European Bio Peel (1 hr 15 mins) $60

Our deep cleansing treatment which includes an Aloe Vera Peel to exfoliate the skin and re-balance precious moisture loss. It has the ability to penetrate the upper layer of the skin and helps peel dead skin cells and stimulate new cell growth. Including massage.

Shaving Hair on Man’s
Chin, cheeks and throat $15/ up
Back Treatment (45 mins)  $35
(Includes exfoliation, massage & mask)
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